SELECT Knöchelschutz 6100 (6100)
SELECT Knöchelschutz 6100 (6100)
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SELECT Knöchelschutz 6100 (6100)
SELECT Knöchelschutz 6100 (6100)

SELECT ankle protection (6100)

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Select ankle protector

Ankle protector made of 4 mm SBR-neoprene. Provides warmth, protection and soothes aching joints.


  • It protects the joint against injuries while playing sports or during increased effort
  • Strengthens the joint, reduces the risk of re-injury
  • Accelerates the treatment of injuries
  • Stabilizes and warms the injury site
  • Improves blood flow


  • Anatomically profiled
  • High quality materials
  • Full wearing comfort


  • Early rehabilitation of joints after fractures, operations and injuries
  • Weakness of the joint
  • Pain and swelling of the joint due to its excessive exploitation


  • XS: 35-37
  • S: 37-39
  • M: 39-41
  • L: 41-43
  • XL: 43-46

Products from the Select Profcare series prevent injuries and alleviate the effects of injuries. They stabilize and support and heat the place of injury. Made of neoprene, they have a simple but well thought out design. Thanks to it, immediately after use, they take on an anatomical shape, perfectly adapting to the body. Select Profcare does not restrict movement, they are carefully made and aesthetic.

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